Our Mission

We are disciples of Jesus, who are making new disciples of Jesus, who are making….

It’s not just something we say, it’s what we do.

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Focus In

Transformation  Everyone does things that dishonors God. We all sin. When we focus in we are asking God to reveal to us the things that dishonor Him and learn how to stop doing them. Christians as transformed by Jesus. They live by a different set of values than others do. They are radically devoted to following Jesus.

Focus Up

Worship  Being a disciple of Jesus means that we must learn to love God with all our heart. It’s more than just attending church. A Christian experiences deep intimacy with God through prayer, the study of Scripture and fellowship with God’s family.

Focus With

Connection  The Bible teaches about the two greatest commandments. They are to love God and to love others like we love ourselves. Christian lives are relational lives. They seek to go deep with their brothers and sisters and with the lost world around them.

Focus Out

Mission  As a disciple we must open our hearts and lives to the lost world around us. Christians take personal responsibility for Jesus’ mission. They use the resources God had interested to them to intentionally penetrate the world with the offer of a new life.