Discipleship Study

It’s All About Becoming A Disciple of Jesus

Being a Disciple is more than just attending church on Sunday mornings. So what exactly does being a disciple look like? The Discipleship Study are the basic building blocks of what it means to be a disciples. It is made up of core decisions to help guide the rest of your spiritual journey. The Discipleship Study isn’t everything we think you should know, but it will help give you skills you need to continue to grow as a Christian.

We believe so strongly in this study that completing it is the first step toward being involved at New Life. Serving is more than just a job you do on Sundays – it’s a lifestyle. So before someone commits to serving we ask that they complete the Discipleship Study to help them understand this lifestyle of service.

Mission Families

Another key part of the plan is being involved in a Mission Family. Learn more about Mission Families here.